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At times parenting can become an overwhelming challenge – as it did for me for many years. As a creative and driven person who loves her work, those years of being confined to the shadows were a very dark time. In this recent interview with Florence Roberts, the founder of Parent Preneur Networking in the UK, I talk about how I lost the career I had built 10 years ago and what tools I used to rebuild my business in the last 18 months.

Click below to watch the (15 minute) video.

Key lessons I had to learn:

  • value your time, every little bit counts
  • prioritize actions that will have a real impact on where you are trying to go
  • know that even the smallest daily steps will add up to great impact over time
  • and most importantly: don’t isolate yourself

Curious about the 90 Day Year Tools I mention in the video? More about that here…

Let me know in the comments below how you have conquered overwhelm as a parent or in your business?

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