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At the recent 90 Day Year Live Event in Las Vegas, I challenged myself with the task to Master the Art of the Selfie… when you are not 13 anymore!

It began with a “everybody take a selfie now” Kodak moment which I can only put down to beginner’s luck – I got myself and the event logo in the frame. Yeah! Thankfully I was in the front row so I didn’t have to struggle too much…

 How to Selfie xFZK

In the first break I got to meet Dan Martell, Founder of Clarity, someone I was very much looking forward to meeting. His upbeat and inspiring Periscopes have been getting me going in the morning. I was fully expecting him to be as full on as he is in his videos but he was much calmer and toned down. This picture was too important to possibly mess up with a Selfie attempt so my son took this one.

Dan Martell FZK 90DY

At the VIP dinner that evening I decided to practice with a few old friends to flex my Selfie Muscle. First up, LeAnna Weller Smith of Weller Smith Design. She is has a web design agency in New York and we have been collaborating since we met in the beta round of the 90 Day Year. Great to have someone else to talk to who is facing very similar issues in their business. I have learned a great deal from her. Including the fact that you can use the volume down button on an iPhone to pull the Selfie trigger! Who knew!? It makes the whole thing easier as I can now attempt a Selfie single handedly.

But I’d call this a Selfie fail – terrible lighting and pretty blurry.

LeAnna Weller Smith FZK 90D Day Year

Not one to give up lightly, I try again with Kim Fuller, another 90 Day Year beta round participant and marketing expert who flew in all the way from Australia. With new skills at the ready we go for a single handed shot. Sadly still blurry! But at least we are having fun.

How to Selfie Kim Fuller Franziska Neumann

Third try with another one of my 90 Day Year favorite ladies, Nutritionist Siona Sammartino. We built her website last year and she turned my family’s nutrition around – a match made in heaven! We tried to go for better lighting in this one, but yeah, it’s just not quite there!

How do these 13 year olds do it???

Selfie practice Siona Sammartino FZK

Next I got to speak with the founder of Ugg, Brian Smith. He had given a deeply inspiring speech about his trials and tribulations on the path to building a lasting brand earlier in the day. What a gem. He was clearly a pro at the whole picture taking thing but this one was too important to mess up, so LeAnna took this one of the two of us. I have to practice my Selfie face!

 Brian Smith Founder Ugg FZK Franziska 90DY

The next day brought a turn of Selfie taking events when I got to Devin Duncan, the mastermind behind the technical implementation of the 90 Day Year. I explain to him that I am working on my Selfie Taking Challenge and he patiently lets me have a go… Twice. As I am trying to arrange my hands and face and frame to get us both in, hold the phone and shoot! It’s just so flippin’ awkward!

Selfie Lesson with Devin Duncan Franziska 90DY

Noticing my struggle, Devin came to the rescue: “Do you want to learn how to take a Selfie?” YES, please!

He turns the phone sideways and shows me to use my left arm fully extended. The pointer finger of the left hand goes on the volume down button, now on the top side of the phone. Get yourself and everyone else in the frame and … Ah, but here is another trick.

How to avoid the blur: You use the timer function. Set timer to 3 seconds, then you can pull the trigger, have 3 seconds to hold the phone still and in place and voila, a sharp picture!

I am way to focused on what I am doing to put my Selfie face on, and you can see in this picture how proud Devin is to have ensured Selfie Success for this novice! Thank you, Devin! You have left a lasting legacy in my Selfie taking days to come.

Selfie Success Devin Duncan FZK 90 Day Year

New Selfie skills in hand, I made my rounds in the room full of internet personalities I’ve only admired online for the last few months and years. I wanted to keep going while my newfound knowledge was fresh.

First up was Rachel Luna, who I sat next to in the front row for the entire event. Such a ball of energy and super encouraging. Sadly this one didn’t go to plan AT ALL! To pull off my new Selfie tricks I had to hold the phone in my left hand, which meant I had to be on my subject’s left side. Rachel wanted to be on the right and going for it, I pressed the top button and promptly turned the phone OFF! I had pressed the power button instead of the volume down button this way. Argh! Rachel could barely believe my Selfie fail and complete ineptness. I’m not sure how many attempts she patiently endured until we got to this blurry, almost made it into the frame version!

I didn’t have the heart to ask her to give me another try! I think she even ended up pulling the trigger on this one.

 Selfie Mishap FZk Rachel Luna

On to Nikki Elledge Brown, copywriter, who is just the cutest thing. I made sure she was on my right side and I think I must have actually tried the timer function with her as this picture isn’t blurry and not too bad overall. I’m so glad that I could make everyone laugh with my awkwardness.

mastering Selfie Nikki Elledge Brown FZK

Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies fame is such a sweetie and patiently waited while I got myself organized here… Blurry again! I must have been rushing as it looks like I skipped the step of setting the timer and she is on the wrong side of me… on top of all that I am saying “awww” as I take the picture cause I am so touched by her generosity of spirit. Oh well, A nice memory but not exactly a great picture.

Jadah Sellner Simple Green Smoothies selfie FZK

Finally, I had to go back to Rachel Luna, as I really wanted to get a decent picture of the two of us. But this time I asked an innocent bystander for help… Much better.

Rachel Luna FZK Vegas LIve Event 90 Day Year

Last up was Mr. Todd Herman himself. Again, no time to mess with Selfie practice. Siona stood by and was the photographer.

Todd Herman founder 90 Day Year FZK

The next morning I put my new Selfie skills to the test in the bathroom of our Hotel room that was bigger than our entire house. In the calm of the suite and with no one to disturb me I went through all of the steps Devin Duncan taught me:

  1. Set timer function to 3 seconds
  2. Hold phone sideways in extended left arm
  3. press volume down button, which should be on the top side of your phone to trigger the photo
  4. Get Selfie Face on (you have 3 seconds)
  5. Hold it still and go
Selfie Success FZK Franziska

And there we go, a Selfie Pro 😃


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