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It’s time to get it right

As a creative professional, you pay attention to every visual aspect of your business.

From your proposals to your invoices, everything you deliver is beautiful, deliberate and meticulously thought-out. But when it comes to your online presence, it can be tricky to get things just right. You’ve exhausted all your DIY options and are frustrated with standard, cookie-cutter solutions. Or maybe you’ve taken that bold step, let go of some creative control and decided to work with a developer or creative agency… but they just didn’t get it. Sure, you’re “officially online” and your website functions fantastically – but it doesn’t reflect your vision and doesn’t sing in harmony with your brand.

Well, let out a big breath of relief – because you’re in the right place.

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Brands for designers, by designers

Finding a great partner for your business is like dating. You want someone who can bring something different to the table – the yin to your yang, someone to jazz up life as you know it – but you also need someone who gets you.

We get you. Because we’ve been there.

Before starting FZK Franziska, I spent 10 years in the design industry across the fields of architecture, interior design and furniture design. I created this firm after seeing firsthand how difficult it was for other web agencies to understand the heart of design-centered work. I taught myself enough code to program a website, and have been building my team of experts ever since.

We know the brand in your heart, and we know exactly how to translate it into a curated online presence that combines functionality with great design. We work exclusively with design-oriented clients because we understand the design process behind building a beautiful, powerful online presence.

I have never met a marketer with a better understanding of social media/internet and the interior design industry.

Emily HenryMillicent Furniture

Want to elevate your online presence in the next 6 months?

My FZK Mastermind group is for business owners who are serious about gaining more visibility online over the next six months — and are ready to take action NOW. Practical advice, group trainings, 1:1 sessions, and real accountability. 

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How we work

What’s the best way to eat a whale? Bite by bite.

We understand the big picture of your brand, your goals and the online presence that will get you there, and we are prepared to guide you every step of the way.

What our clients say…
Award-Winning Certified Agency

I knew you had style and could understand me. You knew me. What you didn’t know was that I had tried before - and spent a lot of money - doing it myself, and it wasn’t very fruitful. I needed someone who knew what they were doing. You are a really talented web designer - you create beautiful images to sell people’s businesses


That’s what you did for me: the skill that you bring to the table more than anything is your ability to listen to your customer. That was priceless for me.

Priority VA

I am so grateful for your graciousness, time and patience. You are exactly what was needed to get me beyond stuck. I needed a kind and patient Website Whisperer.

ChrisTina Simek
Franziska working in the office

About FZK Franziska

FZK Franziska is a creative agency that has helped design-focused clients grow and steward their online presence for 10+ years.

Led by Franziska Neumann, our creative team of 8 local and virtual creatives has a wide skill set, covering everything from web design and development to graphic design, social media and copywriting.

At FZK, we are a partner who knows the brands in our clients’ hearts and can translate it into a curated online presence so they can craft their perfect clientele. We’ve been building custom online homes for brands since 2005, and our diverse skillset allows us to be the solution for businesses ready to move past the DIY stage but that don’t have the resources or desire to hire in-house specialists. We are proud to offer our clients a full-service team of creative experts on demand.

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